Touring La Colombe d'Or Hotel

The Beck&Call team had the wonderful opportunity to tour the La Colombe d’Or Hotel in Montrose last week! This 32 room boutique hotel started off as a mansion and soon expanded into 3 unique stay experiences. In addition to the hotel, they have added rental apartments and condos at the back of the building.

We started off our tour towards the back of the main property where you are immediately transported to the streets of New Orleans. Behind a set of green iron gates contains the The Garden Bungalow Suites. This mod inspired suite is perfect for couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Houston without leaving the city. The suite is equipped with a full vintage style kitchen, a Nespresso, and two outdoor lounging areas. 

Pictured: Bungalow Suite

As we made our way back to the main property, our guide told us about the hotel’s multimillion renovation and some of the great history behind the property.  Originally built in 1923, as a mansion, the property was acquired and turned into a hotel. The hotel has had the opportunity to host guests from royalty to entertainment. In the 90s the hotel was reimagined and residences were built behind the original property. Today, the hotel property contains three unique stay experiences: The Garden Bungalows (pictured above), The Tower, and The Mansion. 

The Tower property contains 18 suites with luxurious amenities on the top floors. The pool, entertainment rooms, and luxe gym all give you a 360 view of Downtown Houston’s skyline. La Colombe d’Or also prides themselves on their extensive art collection adorning all the walls of all the rooms. From modern, to vintage, to pop art, there are beautiful pieces everywhere. 

Pictured: The Tower Queen Suite

The next suite we had the pleasure of visiting, is within the Tower. Each room has a fresh and inviting feel that is perfect for those looking for a classic luxury hotel experience. Each room features a deep soaking tub, Aesop toiletries, and a comfortable living space.

As we near the last month of our crowdfunding campaign, we’ve had to reevaluate how we fundraise, plan events, and think of new strategic ways to collaborate with community partners. This tour was a great chance to feel encouraged and motivated by a story of a small boutique property turning into a huge multimillion dollar empire. There is a lot of time, hard work, and effort that goes into running one property, but La Colombe d’Or Hotel manages it seamlessly. 

Thank you to La Colombe d’Or for letting us tour your property and special thank you to our charismatic tour guide, Russell Casanova, for leading us around!

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